Short Bio

Darian Pearlmutter is originally from The City of Brotherly Love, and for those of you pretending you know what that is, let her save you the trouble: Philadelphia, PA. After spending 18 years of her life in Philly, she enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Knowing that Cubicle Land just wasn’t for her, she began majoring in communications and art. She dreams to one day have the opportunity to combine her passions of film, adventure and extreme hobbies by traveling the world and capturing all it has to offer. When she’s not reading an inspiring book and enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir, you just might find her soaking up the Madison sun on the Memorial Union Terrace wishing they sold Crop Circle Wheat beer. She is an avid rock climber and recently started climbing V3s. When she isn’t attempting to scale a rock structure, she’s probably training for a race or running for fun. Darian has completed two half marathons and will be conquering the Madison Marathon this May. She sounds cool enough already, but believe it or not, this is just scratching the surface.


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