Pay it Forward: Random Acts of Kindness

Why do I post these blogs every week on Wednesday is a question I have asked myself almost every day. Why do I put my content out there for everyone to read? Why do I take the time out of my busy schedule when I’m going in a million directions to sit down think about a topic and write about it?

I think the answer to these questions stems from a few places.

The first, is that I write and provide inspirational, positive, motivating content because if I can do something that will positively impact or make at least one person, reader, viewers, day then I’ve fulfilled my purpose of posting these blogs.

Secondly, I am thoroughly passionate about wanting to grow and make a difference in my community (both local and global). Since I started writing I have forced myself to push my thoughts further and to actually thinkand create something out of ideas i believe in and value. This allows me to share in a full version what my core values are and why I feel so connected to them.

Third, I feel that my writing has and will continue to improve if I take the time to write something once a week that is well composed and thought out.

Fourth, I have learned so much from posting these blogs.  Weather it was learning about Amy Purdy and her inspirational story,  Paul Rice and how he is making a positive impact on the world, or even challenging myself to a new level with the 1, 151.2 Mile Challenge.

At first when I got started blogging, I’m not going to lie it was extremely exciting to see the traffic I was getting on my blog! Of course, the more readers the more people I am touching with my positive mindset and energy however I realize now that If I can make ONE difference, small or big, a day then it is worth continuing to write and share my thoughts with you!

On that note I want to share with you why I value the core concept of paying it forward.

The idea of paying it forward was brought into my life in 2000. Of course, my parents engrained in me from an early age that sharing, being nice, volunteering, and helping others are all core components to the game of life the movie. However, when I was 10 the movie Pay it Forward taught me a lesson and open my mind up to a new idea of positive thinking, positive energy, and positive karma.

Is it possible for one idea to change the whole world…..? What can YOU do that someone CANNOT do for themselves? If everyone takes and does their part…maybe the world would be different. It can be something so small that can make the BIGGEST difference in one persons life. How can you help, how can you contribute? I urge you to ask yourself these questions and to think about this concept. By touching one person’s life think about how indirectly you can  and have helped out many more lives down the line!


Please leave comments with stories you have heard or experienced where someone has paid it forward by doing a random act of kindness! By sharing you’re stories you will be an inspiration and your stories can and will give other readers ideas of where they can start too! Lets bring a positive community to this post, my GOAL is to hear from AS MANY OF YOU AS POSSIBLE! I don’t want to put a number on it because the sky is the limit and the actions will keep on going, so long as they do I want to hear your stories and experiences!!

Looking forward to hearing from each of you and I encourage you to LIVE INSPIRED, BE A DAY MAKER, AND A LIFE CHANGER! YES!

Nothing but peace, love, and happiness!

4 Responses to “Pay it Forward: Random Acts of Kindness”
  1. dkielsmeier7 says:

    Hey Darian,

    I really liked this post! I was about to write a post about “Pay it Forward” in the next few days, and this just inspired me to do that. And I guess you somewhat reemphasized why I continue blogging: its a hope to inspire others and ultimately myself, and to change the way we live our lives to create positive change. So thank you for this blog post. I really enjoyed it!

    • Hey! Wow! I am so glad that my blog made an impact on you and inspired you! This is SUCH a nice comment and I’m really really happy you took the time to let me know how it made a difference to you! Continue providing your positiver energy! Thank YOU for commenting on this blog post!

      Live inspired!

  2. Hey Darian, I’m starting a creativity non-profit in Madison, including turning the bus I just traveled the country in into a mobile gallery and selling work. I’d love to meet up and discuss collaborations, especially after reading a bit about your blog- love it, email me!
    – Mike, founder

  3. MK says:

    great reasons to blog and read others’ blogs!

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