The Alphabet Soup of Success!

Hey welcome back and Happy Wednesday! This week I am just giving you words to think about and reflect on. These are all positive words that I believe should be held close to the heart and mind if you are searching for Success. Instead of explaining what I think these words mean and how I … Continue reading

It is ALL about YOU!

Hey readers! First off, HAPPY WEDNESDAY! As I’m sure you can guess this weeks post is ALL about YOU! I’m going in two directions with this. FIRST DIRECTION: It is so important in life to not lose sight of the bigger picture and why you do the things you do.  So right now ask yourself, … Continue reading

Trendsetting: Fair Trade!

Today’s blog is about Trendsetting, creating awareness, and making a difference on a GLOBAL SCALE! I was fortunate enough to have an incredible man with an incredible vision come and speak to my class tonight! This man’s name is Paul Rice.  Paul is the president and CEO of Fair Trade USA. Click here to check … Continue reading