10 Life Lessons: Life is Like a Haircut!

FIRST OFF. ANNOUNCEMENT: I have decided to finally pick which day I will be posting on and that day is WEDNESAYs! If you do not follow my blog, this will be the best day to check in with me to see what inspiration and motivation I’m sharing with you! YES!

Believe me I KNOW this title seems silly but bare with me this is a GREAT one! Keep reading and you’ll get some very solid “Life Lesson” take away points from this post, promise!

I have been growing my hair out and have wanted it to be long for a while now.  However, it was coming in all wrong and I wasn’t loving what was happening on top of my head anymore. Instead of my hair growing in and getting better I felt like it was always getting worse.
: if enough of one thing  isnt working then it’s time to take a new approach and try something different!! 🙂

I’ve been going to the same amazing woman for a few years now in Madison, WI. She listens to me and always gives me a great cut! However, I am in Philly for a little over a month right now and had NO idea where to go or who to trust with my hair.  SO I got onto Google and did my research to find who was the “best” in Philly to cut curly hair and found an amazing hair dresser with amazing vision! The salon I went to is Signacurl by Joseph Lentini 
: do your research, put in the work and you’ll see positive results

Although i am an artist I’m not a hair dresser, to a certain extent I have no idea what would look best on me and I was clearly making a bad decision when it came to my hair.  I’d always sit down and say this is what I want. This time I KNEW something needed to be done but I didn’t know how to fix it. Joseph was widely recommended and seemed to have some pretty admirable experiences so i decided to trust him with the decision making this time.
LIFE LESSON #3: it is OKAY to ask for help, TRUST yourself, your instincts, and trust the person you are asking for help.

I could tell Joseph knew what he was doing the second I walked into his salon, I was assured by this once he started combing my hair, and analyzing my head in ways I didn’t know you could analyze a head. Literally, before I knew it he was snipping away…an snipping ALOT! This made me very uncomfortable. My hair has not been this short in years! There was a decent portion of the haircut that i felt uneasy, comfortable in the hands of Joseph, but uneasy none the less. By the end of the hair cut i looked like a new person and was extremely pleased with this new change.
LIFE LESSON #4: step out of the comfort zone

I’ve never ever styled my hair.  I’ve always gone with a simple trim and maybe a little bit of layering.  I always thought I couldn’t do much with my curly hair.  Especially for the past two years, I’ve been going in and asking for the same  haircut every time.
LIFE LESSON #5: change is GREAT!

Joseph’s hair salon is an incredible oasis in the middle of Philly and is a HUGE breath of fresh air from all of the conventional high end hair salons. Floor to ceiling the walls of Signacurl are covered with incredible, beautiful, detailed paintings by a local artist that Joseph supports. Joseph is a collector of art and has created a museum infused salon/studio. Joseph has taken art to a new, modern, and exciting level! Not only is it a hair studio where he creates art, but it is an art studio where he collects and sells art!
LIFE LESSON #6: Surrounding yourself with things you are passionate about is salient to being happy, thus successful.

I was desperate for a haircut and wanted it done ASAP! I was up at 7:30 AM, well no salons are open then. I called and left voice-mail’s, i looked to see when each was open and called back at their respective times. Believe it or not for the first three salons that i called (opened earliest) each hair dresser that was recommended in the reviews I read were NOT working that day! I finally called Joseph, not only was he working but he personally answered the phone and fit me in an hour later! Being that I called Joseph last I probably would have taken an appointment by now if one of the other salons had the employee on staff that I was looking for.
(7) Persistence and determination will lead you to your goal!
(8) Everything happens for a reason!

Just last week I was walking in Philadelphia right passed Signacurl I saw ALL of the amazing paintings hanging throughout the studio and took a mental note to go back and check out this art school and studio out (I DID NOT realize it was a hair salon!!) That tells HOW COOL and UNIQUE Joseph’s salon is! Coincidentally, I ended up here.  Solely based on the raving reviews Joseph got. When I walked up to the front door, I think you can imagine my confusion, but excitement!!
: You can’t fight fate!

Okay so when I said I got a hair cut I MEAN I got a hair cut! My hair was down to the middle of my back when it wasn’t curly and NOW it just hits the top of my shoulders! I think i got about 11 inches cut off (maybe an exaggeration, maybe not, but bottom line i cut A LOT off!) The funny thing about this is that hardly anyone noticed!! Even the majority of my family didn’t notice (that’s about 9 people!) Pretty unbelievable, right?! Well yes but no, of course I wouldn’t mind someone noticing or receiving a compliment 😉 BUT that is NOT the important part. What is important is that I am happy and I love my new haircut!
: Recognition is NOT important. Seeking for recognition and not receiving it only leads to disappointment.

BEFORE: See how my hair wasn't curling at the ends! Bad news bears (and this was a good hair day!)

AFTER: healthy, different, styled, and much better!

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As always. Nothing but love, peace, & happiness!

5 Responses to “10 Life Lessons: Life is Like a Haircut!”
  1. Great post D! It made me laugh, but it was also very inspiring! DOUBLE WHAMMY! 🙂 YES!

    • Kayla! Thanks for checking in and leaving a comment! Your an All Star! It makes me happy to hear that I provided a DOUBLE WHAMMY 2-4-1 in this post for you! What was your favorite life lesson?
      Live inspired!

      • I think my favorite is “step out of your comfort zone” it’s one that I’m forced to embrace in India each day and hopefully I can continue to step out of my comfort zone in the U.S. too.

        Learning to live inspired!


  2. Kelsey says:

    As I said last night, great writing! I think my favorite lesson is #10. It’s a way I’ve always tried to live. Some of the greatest accomplishments I’ve had are ones that I’ve kept to myself. It’s the small things we do each day that hold the greatest significance sometimes.

    • Kelsey, thanks for reading, commenting, and mostly for adding which is your favorite life lesson! #10 is a great one and I think one that is forgotten a lot of the time!

      I 100% agree its the small things that add up to make the whole, as long as your not sweating the small stuff 😉 right?!

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